TDC 02.20~02.24


daily create: prized eyes

tdc41: prized eyes

so I wasn’t entirely sure what I would choose as my most prized possession – the most obvious choice would have been my camera… but at the end of the day, I wouldn’t be able to do anything without my eyes. I wouldn’t be able to see and observe and search and appreciate everything around me, and certainly not capture it in a frame. So, eyes it is!

(instagram shot again~)


daily create : working girl

tdc42: work

instagram shot! of my current workplace selling whoppie pies at Ciappucino


tdc43: ambient sound

recordings of sound that I had laying around from my time at Ewha Woman’s University in Seoul. It’s put together to sounds like a walk from Ewha main campus (specifically the ECC) to the nearby Ewha station. I loved this place so much; the atmosphere was amazing with all the stalls and stores lining the avenue from the main gate to the station. And the constant sound of heels against the stone ground and echoing through the ECC… I really miss it.



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