TDC 02.13~02.17

daily create: hand at work

tdc34: hand at work

the hand of a sushi chef at a small place on the east side of ikebukuro station. personally one of my favorite sushi places that i’ve been to so far in the city; small but always with a free seat, wide variety and super tasty!

daily create: henna

tdc34: henna

my friend courtney got a henna tattoo. i love the idea of henna tattoos, the usually intricate designs. but i’m allergic so…!

(instagram woo!)

daily create: serve it up

tdc36: serve it up

a fresh juice blend served in an old jam jar (at a cafe in tokyo which name I can’t remember rn). a lot of cafes that I’ve visited in Tokyo have really creative ways of serving their foods and drinks imo. another favorite of mine is ANNON Cook in Harajuku where you get your honey in tiny jars and pots, and your milk in tin measuring cups.

daily create: play time

tdc37: play time

playing around with dress up items in harajuku. props to my dear friend genie joo for taking a shot of me!


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