TDC 02.06~02.10

daily create: upside down

tdc29: upside down

turned a drawing I did while I was sick over the weekend, upside down. at first I was turning it around anyways because I got the proportions wrong – and when you look at it upside down it doesn’t really register. and then it happened to be a daily create assignment too!

this is one of the first drawings I’ve done in probably two years (not counting the other ones I did that same weekend), so at the moment I pretty much am unsatisfied with everything that I’m doing – but it feels good to have started again. I bought a bunch of watercolor markers and they’re so much fun to play around with. feels good to do something creative.

daily create: lost things

tdc30: lost things

where do I lose most of my things? in my back pack. it doesn’t look that big in person but it rooms so much that I tend to have to take everything out just to find one thing. the other day I lost my pocket wifi in it. I mean, in general I tend to lose things in my bags and purses but this back pack is just like a black hole. it’s still my favorite tho~

daily create: happy moments

tdc31: happy moments

a series of photos taken during the 2011 sakura season in tokyo, my first time seeing them.
(did the collage online so it has an ugly watermark… the original posts with the photos are here: )
I chose to use a number of the shots i took last spring because, even tho I’ve had a lot of happy moments, and maybe this wasn’t the absolute number 1 of them it was still a very special time. A lot of things happened during the first half of the year, and so to just spend time walking around and looking at the flowers (who have so much social meaning) became very special to me.

/tdc4 here/


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