17. tabidachi no uta (ds106 #7)

Okay so, to preface this I haven’t actually written fiction in however long it’s been since the last time I had a fiction assignment in high school, and the same goes for fanfiction, and so this feels awkward publishing. But this section is all about doing assignments in categories outside of your comfort zone – and this is about as uncomfortable as it gets… (and I kind of gave up towards the end there)

Any way, I chose to do the Un-scene Stories assignment, which has a pretty straight-forward description.

Pick a minor character from a scene in a movie or TV show and write a short account of what they were doing before they entered the scene or after the scene ended.

I happened to come across this assignment not long after watching the Japanese movie Koizora with my roommate. If you haven’t seen the movie… well, it’s no masterpiece of any kind, neither in story nor delivery, but it’s pretty film with a stupid plot played by stupidly pretty people – and that’s enough for an evening’s entertainment!

So yeah, I chose to write a short fanfic drabble-y thing for the main character, Mika’s, best friend – Aya. You don’t see much of her in the movie, but there’s a really cute scene between her and Mika, where Mika adjusts the fake eyelashes Aya attempted to put on that morning.

Cellphone vibrates, playing out the familiar ringtone she got a few months earlier, the one the she and Mika got to match. Long arm reaches out from under the covers, fumbling, rummaging around her bedside table drawer for a moment before giving up with a sigh and then her black haired bed head burrows further into the pillow, trying to drown out the sound. Too early… Aya mumbles, morning-laced voice muffled, just a little bit longer

Another sigh, turning around in bed and stretching skinny limbs, back arching before she curls back up again with a soft whine, pillow clutched in her hands. The alarm is going off ungodly early this morning. Her face breaks into a frown, eyebrows knitting and slowly she cracks open an eye. Everything seems far away, and fuzzy, warm sunlight trickling in through the light curtains. I was having such a good dream… and a small smile tugs at her lips at the thought. Then it hits her.


With a newfound will of it’s own her body shoots up, sitting up straight as a board in bed, head shaking fervently. Drowsiness is unceremoniously rubbed out of her eyes as she gets up, and with unsteady legs Aya awkwardly trips over the magazines strewn on the floor near her bed. How embarrassing, she thinks in passing as she sits down by her desk, cluttered with make-up that had never seen much use before last night.

Leaning over she picks up one of the glossy  magazines from the floor, still turned open to the pages she had earmarked in the wee hours of night. The model stares back at her with a bright smile, crescent eyes crinkling at the corners. This is the kind of girl he likes, for sure… a little bit more tanned, hair colored and perfectly loosely curled, make-up heavy and sparkling. Prettier than her. There’s still a bit of eyeline smudged under her lower lashes from last night, and Aya wipes it away with a pout before embarking on the task in front of her.

How embarrassing to not know how to use make-up properly,  she thinks, letting another frown play on her features – until she remembers what she’d just been reading last night about premature wrinkles. It’s not like she’s had much of an occasion to put on much more than lipgloss before though; their suburban town is hardly a place to pull out all the stops, and she’s never really had anyone she wanted to impress before either.  First things first then; hair should be styled before anything else, mosturize before putting anything on face, high light inner corners of the eyes, don’t poke self in the eye with tweezers when applying eyelashes…

Forty minutes and a handful of almost burn-by-curling iron incidents later, Aya wonders how girls in the city go about this routine every day. Drowsiness begins to set in again at the forty-seventh minute, when she’s reapplying eyeliner for the third time, and she thinks to herself that the girls in cities like Tokyo can’t possibly tun on much sleep – which would probably explain why there’s so many more Starbuckses there, to keep them going.

Studying her face in the mirror she plays out a hundred scenarios how how the day will go. She finds the one where she coincidentally bumps into him in the hall, looks up at him with big eyes as she apologizes, batting the lashes she’s put so much effort into, to be the most effective in theory. A glance at the desktop clock let’s her know she has another fifty minutes or so before she should be heading out to school. She dozes off on her desk shortly after, head cradled in her folded arms, with a content smile as Nozomu make another appearance in her dreams.

Later she’ll proudly boast to Mika that she spent two hours on her make-up – a lie that makes her blush when Mika then leans over to tell her the fake eye-lashes she applied are coming off at the edges.


4 thoughts on “17. tabidachi no uta (ds106 #7)

  1. This is a very interesting assignment!!
    I’ve watched koizora my self and I remember this scene 😀
    Great description too 🙂

  2. I hope you keep up with the creative writing. You certainly have a flair for it.

    I love the detail with which you described this scene as well as Aya’s sense of self-doubt while going through her routine.

    Good stuff.

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