15. never mind the **** (ds106 #6)

During this new section of Cyberspace and Society, we’ve been prompted to try to do each DS106 assignments from a different category because some student – aka me – have a tendency of just sticking to one category – aka my beloved design category. So, I spent a bit of time throughly browsing all the options (and there’s seriously so much to choose from, it’s amazing!) and a few stood out to me as things I really want to do. Amongst others one is a fanfiction assignment (the Un-Scene Scene), to appease the part of me that’s still in junior high school (yeah I totally did write fanfiction back then. Dreadful ones as that) and, then there’s this one that I’ve done here: Remix an Album Cover from the Mashup category. The assignment itself was pretty straight forward, and there’s a lot of fun to be had with it!

Find an iconic album cover and remix it to represent a something different. It can be a play on the title, the image, the aesthetic, genre, etc

Now, the quality of my taste in music is debatable, and as much as I’m quite pleased with what I listen too, there’s very little in terms of cover art that’s iconic like some of the classics that you’ll see on a Rolling Stones list. So I decided to give one of my favorite groups, Korean 9-member group Girls’ Generation, a make-over in the style of easily one of the most recognizable album covers ever: Never Mind the Bollocks Here’s the Sex Pistols.

The Process:

I wanted to retain a very close resemblance to the original album, so I searched up a duplicate of the iconic Sex Pistols font from dafont.com, and used it throughout. I wasn’t quite sure what font had been used for the The Bollocks part though so I think I just ended up using Times New Roman or some standard font like that. Anyway, I knew the new covers had to pink, which is the group’s representative color (we could get into a whole essay here about Korean pop groups, fanclubs and colors but I am going to cut it here for your sanity). Also, I decided to go with the girls’ Korean group name So Nyeo Shi Dae (thus SNSD) on the front, to have it start with the same S as the Sex Pistols, and to go along with that I used the title of their 3rd album, The Boys to replace to The Bollocks to keep the same B. Yes I put too much thought into this.

Anyway, making the cover was actually really easy: opened up a new image layer in a set size (700x700px), wrote out the text and drew a white box for the So Nyeo Shi Dae part, added two layers of texture by Clawsandfangs set in Softlight to give it a more realistic look, and a thin black gradient set in Softlight on the left side to give it some dimension. Holy run on sentence. If it didn’t make sense let me know and I’ll upload the .psd file.

But yeah, so I thought it was quite simple to do, and because I had already but some thought into figuring the basic process out – I decided to replicate the back cover as well.

This was kind of almost more fun to do, haha. Since I could just use the same color layer, textures and gradient as the front cover, I got to play around a lot more with the font (the letters look different depending if you write it out in caps or not) and also racking my brain for ways to draw those annoying box shapes! Looking at it now I realize I made a mistake with two of the song titles (Top Secret and Mr. Taxi) where I should have turned some of the text white. Might go back and fix that. Or you know, be really punk and leave it. Uhm. Anyway, I decided to also include that little record label sticker at the top as well, and so if you click on the cover and look at it in full-size you can see that I changed the “Printed in” from Holland to Korea, changed the Virgin logo to the logo of S.M. Entertainment (the group’s company) and I changed the codes to include nine 9’s. Which would make sense if you’re a fellow sone maybe? :p


So yeah, if anything in this process description doesn’t make sense, let me know. I know I have a tendency to ramble.


7 thoughts on “15. never mind the **** (ds106 #6)

    • Thank you! Yeah, it’s definitely a safetyzone for me – but I also really enjoy exploring the medium. I don’t usually have a lot of time/opportunity to play around with the graphic design aspects of PS (usually just use it for color editing photos), so I feel like I’m learning new things even within my zone 😀

  1. This is very awesome. As someone who is barely able to manipulate images in the editing softwares like GIMP or photoshop, I can only just imagine what you describe in your nicely detailed process write up.

    I know what a gradient is and I think I see the thin black part you did. I can also imagine how flat it would look without it (like the stuff I tend to do). But I’d never think to do such a thing on my own.

    So though you’ve not done a “design” assignment here, you’ve once again left some helpful “breadcrumbs” for those of us who aspire to make better looking stuff. Thank you.

    Speaking of the Sex Pistols and the punk rock mindset, I remberber getting kicked out of Mr. Baumgartner’s 8th grade English class for scrawling the band’s name on my desk with a Sharpie when we were supposed to be diagramming sentences. I remember shouting, “Diagram this, Daddy-O” at Mr. Baumgartner as I slammed the door on my way to office.

    • Man professor, this and Modern English… you’ve got street cred! ;D The story made me giggle XD

      I’m glad the write-up left some breadcrumbs to go by; I think I’ve mentioned before that Photoshop is something I’ve been using for so long that I sometimes forget that the things that are “obvious” to me, aren’t to everyone else. So I can end up writing things that make sense to me, but might not make sense to someone who’s not as familiar.

      The idea of using the black gradient to make it less flat basically comes from junir high art class when we were taught how to shade pencil drawings properly. It works the same way in this particular image – for different shapes, I suggest a new layer set to Soft Light, and then using the paint brush with soft edges, in black, to shade the desired area. Or, if you wanna go about it more simply, you can use the Burn tool! Similarly, you can use the Dodge tool to highlight areas 🙂

      • Thanks for further explaining. I’ve heard of Burn and Dodge but have never figured out what they’re about. I think your explanation is clear and concise enough here for me to do some experimentation.

        Now if I could just find the time.

        As for street cred, I’m still trying.

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