Posted in March 2012

20. DFPQ1

  So, what stood out the most for me in the first five paragraphs of the reading was the term creative citizenship, and the sentence it goes with: “[…]higher education largely failed to empower the strong and effective imagination that students need for creative citizen ship in this new medium.” I’ve never heard this term … Continue reading

19. thirty seconds [or more] (ds106 #9)

Make a short, 30-second documentary, the topic is up to you. No narration necessary. Show, don’t tell. Okay so I’m being liberal with the rules for this assignment, mainly because once I had filmed all my footage there was so much that I liked and I decided to make it longer. I started on this … Continue reading

18. peanut butter fireworks (ds 106 #8)

A very simple assignment this time around – I originally thought about doing something video related, but realized I wouldn’t have time to edit it together before the deadline tomorrow… so here we are! The assignment this time is the Photo It Like Peanut Butter assignment from the visual category – which I believe I haven’t … Continue reading

17. tabidachi no uta (ds106 #7)

17. tabidachi no uta (ds106 #7)

Okay so, to preface this I haven’t actually written fiction in however long it’s been since the last time I had a fiction assignment in high school, and the same goes for fanfiction, and so this feels awkward publishing. But this section is all about doing assignments in categories outside of your comfort zone – … Continue reading

16. home computer security

So, this is my entry on the article I chose for our in-class, group presentations. The article I chose is simply titled Home Internet Security, and is provided by CERT Software Engineering Institute Carnegie Mellon, specifically written by Lawrence R. Rogers. On the top of the page, there’s a nice little disclaimer notice letting us know … Continue reading

15. never mind the **** (ds106 #6)

15. never mind the **** (ds106 #6)

During this new section of Cyberspace and Society, we’ve been prompted to try to do each DS106 assignments from a different category because some student – aka me – have a tendency of just sticking to one category – aka my beloved design category. So, I spent a bit of time throughly browsing all the options … Continue reading