14. hysteria siberiana (ds106 #5)

So, I know Professor Lockman was talking about us branching out into the other categories when choosing assignments, but I had this one in mind from before so I decided to go through with it anyway! Might as well make the most of it before we change the requirements before the next section, right?

Take a title of a well-known book and re-design the cover to suggest something entirely different.

Now, does this cover suggest something entirely different about Murakami’s South of the Border, West of the Sun that what any of the many actual print version does? No. Rather, if anything I wanted to try to make a cover that implies more about the story than most of the ones I’ve seen in stores. But it might suggest something entirely different to the person seeing it without having read it.

It’s one of my absolute favorite books, so I drew inspiration from my favorite passage to try to make a cover that connects more to the story than many of the original ones I’ve seen, that are quite disassociated. The passage when Shimamoto, the female main character and catalyst for the story, talks about hysteria siberiana, can be read here. I wanted to make visual of something that like what it would be wandering in a tundra snowstorm. and then added the graphics lines to make it more interesting.

As for the process, it was pretty straight forward because I decided to work with the .psd file I had saved from the I Can Read Movies cover I recently posted. Removed some of the textures I had used, especially the colored ones because I wanted a predominantly white cover, and added some new ones from the same texture maker as the others, Clawsandfangs. Took a photo of Japanese model Tao Okamoto from google (this site specifically), copied it into several layers and played around with the blending modes and opacity for all the layers to get the right blend. Click here to see the different layers – if anyone is curious I can upload the .psd file and you can see it in Photoshop yourself (I’m a bit too lazy to write out the settings for each layer~)


3 thoughts on “14. hysteria siberiana (ds106 #5)

  1. This is incredible. I’m so glad you went for another design assignment. This looks as thought it SHOULD be the book cover.

    I lack the photoshop skills to understand everything you’ve described for your process. I would appreciate taking a look at PSD file to try to make better sense of it.

  2. http://www.mediafire.com/?lc09lr7x09kv54g
    these are the ones for both the covers I did; not sure how much sense they’ll atually make but hopefully they’re worth a look! 🙂
    I find it hard to explain what I do in Photoshop most of the time, because I’ve been using the program for so many years and have been doing so many graphics related things (starting from like, six years ago) making icons and wallpapers and whatnot, so a lot of it is very… internalized? at this point.

    Haha, I’m enjoying the design assignments so much, I’m willing to get less points in the next sections so I can keep doing them :p

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