12. faint

I’ll do a round up of this week’s Daily Create assignments at the end of the week I think, am a bit of a neat freak so, I feel like it would e a nice way to organize? Until then, here’s the link to my class Flickr, where I posted my photos for tdc29 and tdc30, and while we’re at it, a few other links.

class flickr : tokyo50mm
class twitter : @tokyo50mm

proper flickr : oh. my.
proper blog : oh my! tokyo.


7 thoughts on “12. faint

    • i’m not entirely sure what kind of flower this is, but these were taken in shinjuku gyoen around a week ago? the use blossoms should be out this week or next! and then i heard sakura is slated for the very end of march 🙂

      thank you!

  1. I totally agree with paul!!
    All your pictures are to die for!!
    And I loooooooooove this one sooooooo much!! xD ❤
    I wish I had more knowledge on to how to take good pictures… 😦

  2. I was wondering what software, if any, you use for organizing your photos. Are you a stickler for the metadata?

    I’ve heard Cogdog talk about spending hours at a time sorting and tagging his photos after a day’s worth of shooting.

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