10. demons/luck

Today started with an earthquake and ended with a headache. Today’s short-lived outing went to Shimokitazawa, to see the annual tengu-matsuri for the second year in a row. My shots from last year were nicer than the ones I’m left with this year, but I blame the headache! In fact the last photo in last year’s post got featured in the print edition of the Metropolis free paper in Tokyo. This is a photo of your’s truly showing off, lol.

Other than that, I discovered Geektool today! Finally I’ve found the secret to customizing your Mac desktop to make it look like something worthy of DigitalVanity. I also ended up finding a bunch of other resources to tweak my desktop and now it looks something like this:

Monochrome minimalism, yum.


3 thoughts on “10. demons/luck

    • Thank you! Yeah, I found out about it last winter, and decided to go again this year because it’s so fun – but I think most people who go live in the neighborhood.

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