8. minimal again (ds106 #3)

Despite the great amount of time it took, I really enjoyed doing the past ds106 I did – the Minimalist Travel Poster for Yubaba’s bathhouse in Spirited Away. So I decided to do another similar assignment!

These Are for the Minimalist TV/Movie Poster assignment. I found this assignment a bit by chance while googling for the link to the other poster assignment (I find browsing through the dsAssignment database a bit tedious) and this came up as the second option.

Keeping in mind the feedback Paul was kind enough to leave on my other post, I decided to make a set of text focused posters. I figured it would be fun then to use iconic/memorable quotes from a TV show. My choice of TV show then was an easy one – Joss Whedon’s Firefly is so full of quotable lines that it became the obvious choice. I chose some that I thought was most memorable, and also eye catching enough that they would make someone curious as to what the show is about. Figuring that just text might be a bit boring – albeit minimalist – I decided to look for images that reminded me of the characters and the quotes I was going to use.

For River Tam’s “I can kill you with my brain” line, using an actual image of a brain was a pretty obvious choice. At first I browsed around deviantArt’s resource and stock photos, but looking at pictures of actual brains was a little too much for me to stomach. Instead I ended up using a great, realistic brush set by Falln-stock . For Mal’s “big damn heroes” poster I used a brush by emoang which looked pretty similar to the revolver the character carries in the show. Jayne’s “let’s be bad guys” got a shot gun whatchamacallit from the same brush set for lack of a better idea. For Simon’s “going mad” poster I used the tech brush set by redheadstock since he’s a doctor. Yeah idek.

For the color schemes I again turned to COLOURlovers and decided to search for palettes with the characters’ names in them. Amazingly enough, there were numerous palettes for all the characters! I didn’t expect that. Yay fellow geeks! I also searched up some poster textures on deviantArt – in hindsight I felt my last poster was a bit ‘flat’ and I figured adding a texture might be good to counteract that.

These posters took a lot less time than the travel poster as well. I did River’s first, testing out color and text combination. It took about twenty minutes, and once I was satisfied I used it as a template for the rest of them and put those together in roughly a bit more than five, ten minutes each. The basic template was a solid color
layer for the background, a layer set to Mode > Hard Light for the brush image (which I sharpened a few times to give it a more cartoon-y feel), two text layers (quote and ‘Firefly’) in Mode > Normal and the texture layer by bashcorpo set to Mode > Softlight.

For the posters I used these colours (it’s not apparent in the actual posters because the texture layer changes the colors, but still)
River; pale blush and antique fard from ‘River Tam’ by elfflame
Jayne; beleidre and too many from ‘Jayne Cobb’ by saint_611
Mal; piano and malcom reynolds from ‘Mal Reynolds’ by xeenyth
Simon; hao yun bu la and simon tam from ‘Simon Tam’ by saint611

Huuuuu, why I am I not studying graphic design ;;


8 thoughts on “8. minimal again (ds106 #3)

  1. You nailed it! You really do have an eye for design. I love that you were even thinking of the texture of the background as a way to give a bit more realism. They look absolutely stunning. Great job!

  2. These make me want to go back and watch all of Firefly over again to catch those quotes! Great work, especially going so far as to find color palettes that fit with each of the characters. These certainly are top quality designs based one some equally top quality quotes from a much loved show.

    As Tim said, the general aesthetic created with the texture makes it feel like something that may have been crumpled up in a scrapbook, great work all around!

  3. You don’t need a degree in graphic design to do it as much as you need a portfolio. You’ve got a good eye for color relationships and typography. I’ve never watched Firefly, but now I feel like I ought to.

    • Thank you! Hm, I guess an impressive portofolio is most important – I just figure a class/degree would be a good way to learn how to use the tools to create a good portfolio…? Though I do believe in learning from trial and error, so maybe that’s a way to go about it too! 🙂

      If you ever have time, you really should check out Firefly! It was a very short lived series (14 episodes), so it wouldn’t take up too much time 😉

  4. Awesome stuff. I love Firefly, and I love what you’ve done here! The colors are great for all but the first. I think the paleness of the letters matched with the pale background causes the whole poster to fade away. Try choosing one graphical aspect of the poster and make it stand out more. I think you’ll see a better result.

    • Thank you for the concrit! I’ve been looking through the other design assignments on ds106, and have a few others in mind that I’d like to do – I’ll keep your advice in mind and try to focus on one aspect more then. Thanks again 😀

  5. WOW! Lovell of these!

    Excellent work 🙂 Definitely like the colors and using a texturized background was an excellent choice.

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