7. snowkyo

There’s really no point to this post other than go OMG LOOK SNOW!

I got out of class at 8PM yesterday, scurried over the train station without an umbrella (pssh, I have a scarf.) Thirty minutes later I got out at my station, and it had started to snow. It amuses me that the Japanese use umbrellas even when it snows – in Norway we put on a knit hat or hooded jacket and out we go. It wasn’t even snowing that heavily ! Got home and skyped with my mom, who I gave a new iPod Touch to for Christmas so that she can do video calls. She went out on our verande while we were talking and showed me the good 20 cm snow fall they’d just had in Oslo – and so I figured I would pull back my curtains and show her my own neighborhood with it’s very very light snow.

Light snowfall. Right. More like 500 yen coin sized flakes falling at intensity that felt almost like home (though without the added  I swear to god this is the winter I’m going to die coldness.) I think I might have squealed out loud before telling my mom I would have to call her back because I need to go out and take pictures. Because that’s what you do at 11PM.

Took a lap around the neighborhood (and gosh I love my neighborhood) and stayed out long enough to get some snaps of the Arakawa tram passing by and for my fingers to begin to freeze.

The photos overall turned out super grainy because I cranked the ISO up to 1600 /shudders. Plus added blur from 1/80 shutter speed and f/ 1.4 – but who cares? SNOOOOOW 😀

More shots on my actual blog.


12 thoughts on “7. snowkyo

  1. Is there no limit to the amazing images you are able to capture and share? This one is brilliant!

    I wonder if you bracketed or did multiple shots in rapid succession of this? It would make for an awesome Animated GIF.

    As for me, I was sound asleep by the time the snow began. I woke up late and headed to Chiba. The trip to station was treacherous for the hard packed ice. By the time I got to Chiba I found out classes had been cancelled.

    Snow day, eh?

  2. The graininess and soft blur fit well; the image really evokes the scene so nicely.

    It’s lightly snowing too outside my house in Northern Arizona, but we lack city light for taking such photos.

    (I heard your instructor talking about your photo work and am pleased to be seeing them- I too am a fan of my f/1.4 50mm lens, I use it 95% of the time).

    • Thank you! I’m always flattered when people from outside of class make their way over to my blog ^^

      The 1.4 50mm is a wonderful little lens – are you a Nikon user too by any chance?

  3. I recognize this place! …Oh, wait… *Grin*
    Awesome photo, dude. It’s pretty.
    …In related news, snow is still a horrible thing, and should be treated as such.

    • Aah, thank you! ^^ This is in my neighborhood up in Oji, Kita-ku – the tram is the Arakawa line which runs from Waseda to Minowabashi.

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