3. mjau

I sometimes wish I were a cat. Actually, no, I very rarely do – but ‘sometimes’ sounds better for an opening than ‘I might have once or twice when I was really stressed have wished that I was a cat.’ Anyway. Cats. The internet has a bizarre fascination with cats, which I know of only through secondhand exposure, because despite how much time I spend on the internet I very rarely engage in anything involving memes, macros or anything else of that sort lest it be posted on ONTD, ONTD_P or fashin. (Exposing my browsing list right there.) Basically a lot of internet humor falls flat on me… I don’t really know where and how the internets obsession with cats started, but if I had to really think about it I would say I find it surprising? Mostly because cats are to dogs what Macs are to PCs and I think more people (unfortunately) use PCs.

And the point of this really wasn’t to talk about cats but rather something along the lines of, even though I spend a ridiculous amount of time online there are certain parts of the internet that’s still unknown to me.

I like cats though.

This is a cat I met at a cafe in Seoul; it wasn’t a cat cafe per se, so much as the owner happened to own three kittens that he brought with him to work every day. Adorable little fluff balls. Animals are a pain and a half to take pictures of with manual focus, because much like musicians, they rarely stay still. In this case the lighting in the cafe was quite low as well (it was a basement location at that, so natural light either), and I had the F stop on 1.4 again. hence the very very very narrow focus somewhere in the ear and corner of the eye of my little buddy here.

Apart from that, I’ve figured out what my first ds106 assignment will be! And probably my second choice as well. Will be trying to get one done on the way to school tomorrow, so if you happen to see a blonde girl with a camera at Tamachi station cirka 7:30AM… yeah, don’t come up and say hi because it would totally freak me out.


13 thoughts on “3. mjau

  1. I’m getting hooked on your posts. This entire post is so cat-like in the subtle and nuanced way in which a bit of your own story is told, a captivating scene in cafe that wasn’t a cat cafe is described, the technical process of capturing another amazing photo is explained, and your upcoming ds106 assignment is alluded to in passing.

    You’ve set up a cliff-hanger here. I can’t imagine what you are cooking up but I have a feeling it will be great.

  2. I want you to know two things.
    One: We still can’t have a cat.
    And two: I am now very tempted to sneak up on you tomorrow morning. If it wasn’t for the whole time thing… *Grin*
    And a bonus, because why not: You are so adorable.

  3. Sometimes it helps to be far away so you can see the details. The veins in the ear, the blend of the fur on his/her back into the distance. Nice image and great story about you and that hip cat!

    • Haha, mjau is just the Norwegian spelling of meow XD
      There’s a lot I don’t get about our generation either – like the Hills and Jersey Shore.

  4. I personally like dog better, but I also see awesomeness of cats, the way they move their body, the they act. I’m looking forward to see DS106 assignment using cats and computers together in the future.

  5. Aww~, I love cats too! They’re so adorable~. I love watching many videos of them on YouTube and visiting cat cafes in Japan and hang around with them! Very cute picture of that cat, by the way. :3

      • Oh, they’re nothing dangerous or anything! Haha, they’re just cafes that have cats in them; since in Tokyo especially it can be hard for people to keep pets in their apartments, a lot of cafes have popped up around the city where you can go and spend time with animals as if they were your own 🙂 In Korea I went to a dog cafe, and I know that in Meguro-ku there’s a rabbit cafe!

    • Oh Ken, I remember you told us about a good cat cafe in the acting class we had together last spring! Do you remember which one? I forgot the name…
      Cats really are super cute!

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