2. louder

We were supposed to write something proper on our thoughts about the internet. I think.

And I didn’t, hah.

Let’s be honest, I take the internet for granted, as a given. My dad jokes that I go through withdrawals whenever I’m without internet for more than a few hours.

(Let me just point out that capitalizing in this entry is really, really hard. Goes against my very nature, tbh. Especially the I’s. I’m Norwegian.)

But yeah, so, withdrawals. I need internet or else I don’t function (which meant that being in Seoul was absolute heaven to me because they have wifi everywhere and most of the time it’s free, particularly at cafes. And if it’s not free you can get a 8800 won/month subscription for, say, your iPod – which I use as a mini iPad.)(which on the other hand makes life in Tokyo a pain now because Softbank cancelled my pocket wifi while I was gone and are making it a real pain to get a new one.)

Anyway. Here’s another picture.

Took this on New Year’s Eve, when I went to Meiji-jingu for hatsumoude. Now why on earth I would want to use manual focus in limited lighting is a good question (because, you know, limited lighting makes it hard to see how well your focusing, especially when the viewfinders on DSLR’s are not as delicate as those on analog cameras – thus it’s already hard to see whether the shot is in focus.)

So yeah, why? Mainly because when shooting at night I set the aperture to f/1.4. At this F stop the lens lets in the maximum amount of light – and so I can turn up the shutter speed to avoid motion blurring and lower the ISO to avoid grain (two of my photo pet peeves.) F/1.4 also gives you increadibly dramatic depth of field, the focus is very narrow and gives the photos a lot of mood – and considering the nightly New Year’s hatsumoude has a lot of “mood”, I think it’s a nice way to translate that into the image.

Here are the rest of the images from the night.


3 thoughts on “2. louder

  1. I heard one of the instructor’s at our school is requiring students to do a complete media blackout for 24 hours. Sounds like that would be a tough one for you.

    I’m not familiar with Pocket wifi. Other than reconnecting issues after service cancellation, is the coverage pretty good around Tokyo? How affordable is it?

    As for your New Year’s Eve photo, it is beautiful. It looks like an image in a magazine. Great work.

  2. I totally agree with mummybrownpaint on both scores. Your images are jaw-droppingly stunning. Keep ’em coming.

    Also, the way you document your process of taking the pictures is totally in the spirit of one of ds106’s core principles. This is very helpful and useful to those who your work will inspire.

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