1. verbal

despite running a number of blogs over the past five or so years, i still haven’t gotten comfortable with the whole ‘writing an introduction’ thing. i also don’t like capitalizing. here’s to hoping professor lockman doesn’t dock us points for spelling and grammar!

anyway, for the purpose of the class i figured i should explain the meaning behind my username. i live in tokyo (like everyone else in the class, obviously) and 50 mm is a reference to my favorite lens; nikon af 50 mm f/1.4 aka my baby.

so yeah. i’m primarily a photo blogger. i run two-three photo blog that i host on tumblr: one for tokyo, one for seoul (where i just spent four months studying abroad) and an off-shot where i amongst other things post my concert photography. i’m not good at writing, so i mostly just post my photos with a few lines and leave it at that; it’s like the diary i was never able to keep because every time i bought one i fell out of writing in them after a week.

i figured i’d try to post a photo or two that i’d shot with my 50 mm with every entry on this blog, so here’s goes.

took these shots at an underground/independent hip-hop show in seoul in november. the guy is ZICO, who you might have heard of if you’re into the k-pop scene (not even gonna hide it, tbh.). he’s kind of insanely good on stage, really popular; most of the kids were there to see him.

i don’t usually shoot concerts with the 50 mm because not only is the range limited because it’s a prime lens (meaning i can’t zoom with it), but it’s a pain to try to focus with when not only the artist is moving around on stage but the crowd is moving too. (plus you can only use the manual lens in M mode which means you have to be very aware of your aperture and shutter speed to curb over or under exposure. but we have editing softwares to fix that 😉 ) but who doesn’t like a good challenge? besides, any photographer who at the end of the day doesn’t have ten times as many useless shots as they have good ones hasn’t really been trying. but this is pretty much what i love in life: photography and live music (…and clothes. different topic.)

i don’t write well but every once in a while i get a pretty wicked shot. 1000 words and all that.


4 thoughts on “1. verbal

  1. Those photos are awesome. Had I not read your description of the process you took in taking those shots and how limiting the conditions were, I’d have had no idea how difficult it is to take such a photo. Thanks for sharing and explaining.

    As for counting grammar and punctuation as part of the score for a blog post, I believe it is important to be understood when trying to communicate. I think one of the roles of grammar is to remove ambiguity and provide clarity as to the speaker’s or writer’s intended meaning. It’s kind of like the glue that holds our language together.

    If everyone made up their own rules as they went along regarding language usage, there would probably be a wee bit of confusion as misunderstanding.

    But there are already is a great deal of confusion and misunderstanding in the world.

    So in a roundabout way, I guess I’m trying to say that I won’t deduct points for spelling errors or loosely following common grammar conventions. I’d also like to give my own preference, capital letters provide a helpful visual clue that a new sentence is beginning. They do help a person with tired old eyes like me to follow one’s writing a bit more easily.

    So as a personal favor to my tired old eyes, I’d ask you to try to capitalize the first word of every sentence. But if you don’t, it won’t be the end of the world.

    One more thing, please head over to http://ds106.us/register and register your wonderful blog. You will want to select TUJ in the drop-down box in the profile section so your stuff will aggregate together with your classmates’ stuff.

  2. Your photography is absolutely beautiful. I hope you’ll share more as the course goes on. I’m a very visual person so the less I have to read and the more beautiful images I get to take in the better. Looking forward to following your work!

    • Thank you!
      I just don’t find them particularly aesthetically pleasing, actually. Also it’s a bit odd sometimes because a lot of the words you capitalize in English you wouldn’t in Norwegian.

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